With beacons like iBeacon, street food from food trucks may take over more of the regular restaurant clientele.


Pro-active businesses

Yes, you can follow your favorite food truck on Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, but with Bluetooth beacons, food trucks may reach more people, and interact with the ones they already have in a much more interesting way. They will follow you, more than you will be following them. Beacons are on the way into retail and will affect the way people do business and live their lives. Choices will be made differently, for example, the choice of where you’re going to have lunch or buy a simple snack.


Food trucks

Let’s take the example of a food truck. And food trucks are a perfect example of beacons, although in a completely different way than most other businesses. Beacons are identifiers, and simply placing a beacon on a food truck would be able to tell people in that neighborhood that the truck is there, and together with platforms such as Eddystone, the beacons can send out offers of all kinds, and even menus. Imagine that you’re sitting in a park, and all of a sudden your phone beeps. It’s the ice cream truck that is coming into your area.


Information and offers

You’re not really in the mood for ice cream, but then you’re shown an engaging video about this particular ice cream, which boosts your confidence in the ice cream company. They also have some pretty interesting flavors that you start thinking about, longingly. And then, as the final touch, you are presented with a very cool 70% off voucher. You see, the food truck has identified who you are, and can see that you never tried their ice creams before. Other people will have to pay full price, but as a new client, you get a large discount. Do you think you will be temptedto act on this discount?


Gaining a customer

Once you try their ice cream, the ice cream company has a much better chance of making you a long term client. What they needed was just that foot in the door; the opportunity to show you their products. Do you see how this works? Personalized offers can be pretty effective. If there are other trucks in the area, they may appear on your phone, too, according to where they are, and just like with WiFi heat map software you can see where all the action is in the area where you are. Good for you, great for the food trucks.