Technology Up gradation: Theta S

Are you looking for a new camera? Are you aware of the new technology in cameras? No? This Ricoh Theta S Review will tell you the new aspects of technology incorporated in the cameras. So, fasten your seat belts to know the amazing features of Theta S.

Design and Dimensions:

The design of Theta S is exceptionally different and beautiful than the other cameras available. It is 44 mm in width, 130 mm in height and 22.9 mm in depth, so that makes it easy to carry, use and transport without involving any additional hassle in the process. The easy grip of the camera allows the users to get good pictures from it. Additionally, it is just 125g in weight, so just feel free to get HD pictures anywhere anytime.


The camera can allow the users to choose amongst the still imaging, video making and live streaming. In still imaging, there are further options available for the users. These include manual, auto, ISO Priority and Shutter priority whereas in the case of live streaming and video making only auto mode is available. All these modes make the picture capturing easier and highly customized giving you (the owner) an edge over the other camera users.

White Balance:

The white balance in a picture needs to be adjusted depending on the location of picture taking, which if not adjusted properly could affect the quality of pictures. Theta S provides various modes of light adjustment in the photography. These include outdoor, cloudy, shady, day color, natural white light, light bulb, fluorescent light etc. However, the videos and live streaming options are not equipped with this white balance features but still the quality of the picture is very high and you’ll be satisfied with video quality and Live Streaming as well.

Memory and Usage Conditions:

The memory of Theta S is an 8 GB memory, which is inbuilt and available internally. Extensions or external memories are not allowed with Theta S. The camera is well supported to work in extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures, so take it along with you on your next vacation and capture the moments.

Theta S is an advanced camera with the latest technology to provide a great user experience. If you haven’t tried one yourself, visit the nearest outlet to watch the specifications and feel the technology, which will compel you to buy even without reading a good Ricoh Theta S review.