LG 360 cam, A perfect accessory for your outdoor ventures

The 360-degree cameras are in market since last 2 years. Different companies have tried their fate in this arena but few have succeeded in providing the technology of demand. In the same list is the LG 360 Cam. This cam stick is fabulous in shooting 360-degee spherical videos and images. The LG has provided the technology that has revolutionized the trends of filming and social media sharing. Let’s have an over look at this amazing 360-degree view capturing gadget.

Sleek design

This is a simply designed camera with nothing to call as over built. This camera is simply a point and shoot stick, that provides capability of 360-degree video and image capturing.  The LG 360 cam is a small silver colored stick that has ergonomic design with a plastic body for durability and light weight. It unintentionally gives some intuition of a deodorant stick. It is easy to be mounted on any tripod stand or you can also mount it on other standard camera gears. but it is totally designed for your comfort and joy at same times.

Universality of LG 360 cam App

Fortunately, the LG 360 cam app works on all android smartphones due to universal platform of android. Moreover, the app is also available in IOS as well. However, the app on IOS has been reported to encounter some problems sometimes but overall result has been fabulous throughout. For using the camera, you need to load the camera with a memory card, and continue the camera experience like any other traditional photo capturing devices.


Ease of use


LG 360 cam has only one button. For different modes of capturing you need to adjust the pressing time of same button. For example, click only once if you plan to capture a still image. Likewise, hold the same button for a little longer to enter in video capturing mode and clicking once after this would stop your ongoing video recording. This feature has not only made the compact design possible for LG 360 cam but also made it easy to use for users of all sort. The LG 360 cam is equipped with 1200mAh battery to give you a long lasting out door 360 capturing experience. You can either capture still images in 360- degrees of make spherical videos to with lg 360 cam in very simple and interactive way.