Look I’m the kind of student that manages to do pretty good and some courses and really manages to do very poorly in many other courses. That’s just who I am. I love the things that I care about, and I am committed, but if I really don’t care about something, it’s really hard to get something out of me. It’s just hard to put effort into something that I really don’t respect. And, that’s not even about content a lot of the time, sometimes it’s really just about the professor or teacher that is delivering the information in a very uninspiring, uninspired way. Anyway, a friend of mine told me to start using a final grade calculator, just to make sure I didn’t feel any courses. At the time I was very stupidly confident and I thought there was no way that I wouldn’t end up with getting at least a decent Mark, but my friend kept assuring me that if I wasn’t turning in my assignments there’s almost no way I could pass. I told my friend that he was stupid it, and that there was no way that I would fail. Usually I meant to tow the line through the year, and then I’m smart enough to really not the final exam out of the park. Not to mention I do study a lot. But when I started using this final grade calculator, I realize that I’m selling my courses, the final exam wasn’t worth enough to, on its own, told me above a failing grade. And failing grades have a horrible consequences and post-secondary, I could be expelled, or put on academic probation, and get zero credits and have to redo the course, even paying the money to do so. Which, in the end, I think would be absolutely brutal. So, because of this website, is able to strike a deal with some of my professors. But, I wouldn’t have done it without the final grade percentage calculator, so I’m very thankful and grateful and I recommend it to my friends all the time So that they can get a better picture of their academic standing.