So, in a world full of mass manufacturing, this company UNU, based in Berlin, does the exact opposite. This company makes electronic, electric motor scooters. They are electric, so they don’t use any oil or gas, they just use a very well-designed battery, which was designed in collaboration with Panasonic, which can plug into any wall, and charge in a very short amount of time and last a whole lot of time. This efficiency is part of the entire process. But it all begins with the production. Basically, someone goes online, they go to the company website of this company, and they designed the scooter they want based on the colors that they want and which engine they want. When this process is complete, the scooter goes into production. Almost immediately usually. Once it is in production, it takes about a week to build. Then, it gets delivered to the home address of the person, at a date that is mutually decided on, and time, and it comes in a box. Once the owner opens the Box the scooter, very lightweight and efficient, is ready to go and mediately. So long as you have a license plate, you can begin driving that very moment. And that is the type of efficiency I’m talking about. The Box will be disposed of by the delivery man, and reused. This is the type of efficiency through, through every step, that is also found in the usage of the machine itself, which includes a kinetic braking system that uses any energy that is wasted in breaking. It sent that over to the engine, which allows the battery to be more efficient. Call me again, but this is very exciting for me. This is something I am very excited.