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Look I’m the kind of student that manages to do pretty good and some courses and really manages to do very poorly in many other courses. That’s just who I am. I love the things that I care about, and I am committed, but if I really don’t care about something, it’s really hard to get something out of me. It’s just hard to put effort into something that I really don’t respect. And, that’s not even about content a lot of the time, sometimes it’s really just about the professor or teacher that is delivering the information in a very uninspiring, uninspired way. Anyway, a friend of mine told me to start using a final grade calculator, just to make sure I didn’t feel any courses. At the time I was very stupidly confident and I thought there was no way that I wouldn’t end up with getting at least a decent Mark, but my friend kept assuring me that if I wasn’t turning in my assignments there’s almost no way I could pass. I told my friend that he was stupid it, and that there was no way that I would fail. Usually I meant to tow the line through the year, and then I’m smart enough to really not the final exam out of the park. Not to mention I do study a lot. But when I started using this final grade calculator, I realize that I’m selling my courses, the final exam wasn’t worth enough to, on its own, told me above a failing grade. And failing grades have a horrible consequences and post-secondary, I could be expelled, or put on academic probation, and get zero credits and have to redo the course, even paying the money to do so. Which, in the end, I think would be absolutely brutal. So, because of this website, is able to strike a deal with some of my professors. But, I wouldn’t have done it without the final grade percentage calculator, so I’m very thankful and grateful and I recommend it to my friends all the time So that they can get a better picture of their academic standing.

Learn how to do app store optimization

Learn how to do app store optimization

App store optimization is about creating the perfect marketing plan to raise awareness about a mobile app. This involves the use of a number of tools and techniques in order to help the app stand out. In this article we will explain how to do app store optimization in order to give your app the leverage it needs to compete;

  1. Be the ideal client:

Before you engage in app store optimization you must have a mobile friendly website and a good mobile app to begin with. You must work on your app to make sure that it is flawless before you engage in any ASO practices. ASO will not fix the technical problems found in your app but will enable it to show its potential among a big number of competing apps.

  1. Understand how apps are ranked:

App stores don’t really explain how they rank different keywords, because if they did publishers would simply know which keywords to stick to and the problem will be solved. But instead, it is very obvious the number of downloads and ratings play an integral part in app ranking.

  1. Understand the difference between Google Play and Apple App Store:

Apple Store and Google Play work differently when it comes to ranking apps. The Apple Store limits the keyword entry field to only 100 characters while Google Play allows publishers to use the description field to add the relevant keywords. The case is the opposite when it comes to the name selection. In the App Store you can use up to 255 characters while the name should be chosen wisely in Google Play because you only have 30 characters to use.

  1. Learn how to use the right keywords:

The right keywords are not necessarily the ones that get the most searches. These are also the most competitive keywords. The right keywords should be based on relevance, difficulty score and traffic score. Keywords shouldn’t be too generic and should ultimately push users to download the app.

  1. Use visually appealing graphics:

Keywords will help people find apps but graphics will convince them to download the app. They should be beautiful and instantly communicate what the app is about. Icons should be clean with only one center focus to avoid confusion. Use all the available screenshots and highlight only one benefit or one key feature per screenshot.


Understanding and learning app store optimization is not impossible but is extremely crucial for the success of your app.